04. Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice

There is no doubt that claims involving trees, and the management of trees, needs to change in light of the climate crisis.  

We have collaborated with numerous public sector bodies and corporates on issues relating to the management of tree in their ownership and control.  

Advice on how to manage tree risk to avoid damage to properties and risk to human life is a key piece of strategic advice that we have given.

​We also work with insurance companies to provide strategic advice on how their insurance products relating to trees can and should change into the future.  This is to ensure that insurance products remain fit for purpose in a changing climate.

A key piece of work has to be carried out into insurance companies and their supply chain calculating their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in order to allow insurers to carbon footprint work that is carried out.  Starting with carbon footprinting Tree Law, we have advised businesses on starting the carbon footprinting and decarbonisation process. 

Case Studies

Sarah has advised a public sector client on the management of highway trees where works are carried out in close proximity to the trees by a statutory undertaker. 

This mirrored a wider piece of advice which is being carried out by the Geospatial Commission who are mapping out underground infrastructure so as to avoid issues with tree roots being severed during underground works.

Sarah carried out the Carbon foot printing of the Subsidence Forum’s annual training day, advising all audience members of the impact of the day.  With data taken at the event, the carbon footprint of the day was calculated and the audience members were offered the opportunity to purchase offsets to render the event carbon neutral. 

This was a first step in strategic advice to the insurers and suppliers in attendance at the training day.

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