01. Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Disputes

Whether you are a Claimant or a Defendant in litigation, we can handle your litigated dispute for you.  Dealing with all claims from small claims track up to multitrack and running from pre action process through to trial.

On conclusion of litigation we can manage the recovery of legal costs via one of our preferred supplier costs drafts people to ensure that you recover the money you’ve spent on legal costs back from the losing party in your claim.

Civil disputes are not just before the Court though and we have experience in managing cases related to Tree Preservation Orders before the Lands Tribunal. 

So if you have:

…then get in touch for a conversation.

Case Studies

Sarah has experience in dealing with all sorts of litigation from low value, small claims track cases up to multi track trials.

Sarah pursued a claim to trial before the Technology and Construction Court related to flood damage to properties in South Wales.  The flooding occurred due to the mismanagement of a sluice gate.  This claim was pursued on behalf of a number of residents of a street who had all had their houses flooded.  The claim was successful at trial recovering 100% of the damages claimed and legal costs.  This was an interesting trial as the Judge wanted an opportunity to see the area in question so day 1 of the trial, after the opening speeches had been done, was followed by a site visit so the Judge could see the area and the houses concerned.

Sarah pursued a preliminary issue to the Lands Tribunal in a tree preservation order claim.  This preliminary issue was dealing with the question of whether the notice letter provided within 12 months of the notice of refusal by the local authority had provided all of the information that it needed to provide and, therefore, whether the claim could go ahead.  The outcome of the hearing was in our favour and the claim could go ahead.  It settled shortly thereafter.

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