Creative legal solutions that won't cost us the earth


Introducing Tree Law

Tree Law is a fresh new legal service which has the environment at its heart. 


We commit to working with our clients to hit the UK’s carbon and biodiversity targets, not only in the work that we do but by giving 10% of all legal fees to carbon and biodiversity projects in the UK and abroad.

Dispute Advice

For individual and commercial clients


Advice on disputes in order to encourage settlement of disputes and avoid claims getting to the stage where litigation is needed


How we
can help...

Civil Litigation

For individual and commercial clients


Bringing and defending legal claims arising from civil disputes

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Strategic Advice

For commercial clients


Advice on how to comply with net carbon zero commitments in the management of claims arising from trees

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Thought Leadership

For commercial clients


On issues regarding climate change, subsidence and other climate related perils


Reducing environmental risk


For individual and commercial clients


Mediation support as a way to settle disputes early and quickly to minimise stress, time and money

If we don’t act now, it’ll be too late

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