Sarah Dodd

 I am a tree hugging lawyer specialising in bringing and defending civil disputes, in particular legal claims arising from damage to property caused by vegetation.

I have 22 years of experience working in corporate global law firms.

My interest in this area started with my love of the natural world, studying geography and biology at A level and then Environmental Law in university.

I have a passion for helping clients face the change which is occurring in the insurance, construction and planning sectors which is changing the way in which these damage claims can be dealt with.

In the role as Chairperson of the Subsidence Forum for the next 2 years I am excited about being able to drive forward thought leadership on the issue of climate change and we can hit net zero targets whilst managing claims arising from vegetation.

As a woman in this sector I stand as a positive role model for junior people coming into both the insurance and legal industry and to be the change that I have wanted to see. I enjoy taking part in training events such as with I love Claims and the MGAA. I love hosting and presenting in webinars and podcasts and produce a weekly vlog to keep my team up-to-date with business news.

As well as my legal work I am a keen endurance athlete and enjoy running and cycling. When I don’t have the energy to run long distances you’ll find me out with my 2 golden doodles enjoying the fresh air with them.


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