Hourly Rate

Whether it’s bringing a legal claim, defending a legal claim or simply advising on a dispute, we can give you legal advice on an hourly rate basis:

Neighbour-dispute plan

In situations where you are in dispute with a neighbour about issues regarding trees, legal fees can often be a blocker to instructing a solicitor.  This plan gives clarity of fees to allow you to have that discussion with a tree-lawyer, obtain advice and start communications with your neighbour with a view to reaching an early and quick resolution 


On strategy projects such as working on a decarbonisation plan or claims process, we can work on a consultancy basis on a day or half-day rate

Discounted Conditional Fee Agreement "CFA"

On a recovery case where the prospects of success are high enough, we can run the case on our discounted CFA agreement..

What this means is that you get charged a reduced hourly rate during the life of the claim, and the costs are recovered from the Defendant at the end of the claim at higher approved court rates.

Fixed Fees

If you want transparency from the outset and predictability on costs we are happy to agree fixed fees where those are suitable.

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